Tonight thousands of hopeful students will head to Federation Square in anxious anticipation of their tertiary offers.

Whilst it may be a crushing day for some, ex-Doncaster Secondary College student, James Anagnostidis, 18, says he is confident that he will get into his first preference, a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University.

“I got the score I needed so I’m just waiting for the piece of paper,” he says.
“I might go into the city to get an early edition of the paper otherwise I will get it at home the next day.”

Johnny Caracacidis, 18, may not have obtained the near perfect ENTER score to be accepted into a course in veterinary science however is confident that he will be able to gain entry into the course in the near future.

“I have applied for animal technology as my first preference and I think my chances of getting in are pretty high,” he says.
“Once I am accepted, I will be able to transfer so that I can become a vet.”

Third year University of Melbourne Biomedicine student, Stefan Dimou, 20, agrees that there are many options to get into one’s chosen career path and advises students not to get too worried if they do not get into their first preference.

“My first preference was medicine but at the end I had no offer on the table,” he reminisces.
“Sometimes that happens in life and you have to shrug your shoulders and put your effort into it. I ended up doing an irregular offer and was accepted into Biomedicine where now I am hoping to get into post graduate medicine.”

Students can obtain an early release copy of the 2010 Tertiary Offers at Federation Square tonight at 6.30pm, or get a copy of the daily newspapers at selected newsagents.