The Australian Football Harmony Cup, previously known as the Multicultural Cup will take place in Melbourne on March 21.

It features eight teams drawn from Melbourne’s migrant communities with the aim of celebrating Melbourne’s ethnic diversity and harmony, while using the sport of Australian football, as Australia’s only indigenous sport, to break down cultural and ethnic barriers.

The teams include India, team Asia, Indonesia, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Team Africa and Turkey.

The Harmony Cup will be an official Harmony Day event. This event is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and celebrates the cohesive and inclusive nature of Australia while promoting the benefits of cultural diversity.

Each team will play a minimum of three and maximum of four matches under the banner of their country of origin and in their national colours.

The two teams that are ranked first and second at the conclusion of the preliminary round of matches will play each other in the Grand Final. The winner will be awarded the Harmony Cup by AFL Legend Ron Barassi. Each team and/or the community they represent will also provide a cultural performance during the day.

Peter Kaliakoudis has been appointed as the coordinator for the Greek team. It should be noted that the Greek team had won the final in 2005 playing against Turkey.

The event has been put together by Aussie Rules International (ARI), which was formed in 1995 to promote and develop Australian football internationally.