Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. I’m talking to you guys!
When summer comes around girls are suddenly everywhere in pretty summer dresses looking gorgeous and fresh and for some reason guys are still getting around in the same summer outfits they were wearing five years ago.

I know many of you may be attached to your hideous old cargo shorts, but the time has come for you to get rid of them.

Men should be embracing summer fashion. Even if your look is as simple as a t-shirt and shorts, there’s no excuse for looking sloppy this season.

For his 2010 summer collection, John Galliano took inspiration from the Middle East and British India to create a collection full of turbans, sandals and military inspired tailoring in a host of earthy browns and oranges. It was a little extreme and a bit costumey, but it still looked pretty good.

Don’t stress, I’m not asking you to grab a turban and a white sheet and deck yourself out like a bad guy from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, I’m just suggesting that you take inspiration from these ideas. Here’s my list of summer essentials for guys.

Lightweight trousers

Every guy should own a pair of lightweight trousers.

They don’t need to have a super-tailored look, but they shouldn’t look like you got them from the grandpa section at K-mart either. Look for something in a neutral tone or perhaps a navy blue.

These are the type of pants that can be worn with either a t-shirt or a lightweight shirt and will easily take you from a session in a beer garden to dinner in town. Give them a casual summer twist by rolling up the bottoms and adding a pair of leather sandals.

White cotton shirt

I think everyone should have one of these – be you man, woman or beast. There is something about a man in a white shirt that quickens my pulse.

It reminds me of James Bond and the Bahamas and balmy nights and cocktails by the pool and… I’m getting carried away. Honestly, there is just something brilliant about a white shirt.

Even if you’ve retrieved it from the wardrobe floor, a white shirt still seems to say, “I’m crisp and fresh.” Anyway, the perfect white shirt should be lightweight and cotton or linen. You want it to fit pretty well and not be so baggy that you can’t throw a jumper over the top.


T-shirts should be lightweight and pale; think washed out shades of lemon, blue and faded browns.

A white t-shirt is lovely but can be boring, so look for something with a bit of texture to it.

Avoid those novelty t-shirts that say stuff about drinking and having sex in inappropriate places – they’re immature and stupid and make you look like a total bonehead. Also, it’s quite important that t-shirts fit properly.

Baggy t-shirts look incredibly sloppy and are essentially unflattering, however a super tight t-shirt just makes you look like a complete tool, so don’t go there either.


I understand that sandals are a bit of a sensitive subject for some guys. It’s because many of us are still plagued by memories of grandparents who got around sandals with socks.

First of all, there is absolutely no reason on earth to wear socks with sandals.

If you need to wear socks, you should be wearing a proper shoe. If you’re a young man who wears socks with his sandals and are wondering why you’re still single, wonder no more. Socks and sandals is a deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.

Know why? Because girls think, ‘my god, if he can’t even figure out how to wear a simple sandal, imagine what else he can’t do.’ Anyway, I digress. Sandals don’t have to be dorky; head to Country Road or Witchery Man and be enlightened.


Shorts are a must for summer. I know many of you may be attached to your hideous old cargo shorts, but the time has come for you to get rid of them.

This year shorts are shorter and smarter. Look for shorts that are on or above the knee and have nice little tailoring details.

I believe some people call them Bermuda shorts. I don’t really mind what you call them, as long as you ditch the daggy old cargos and embrace this more flattering look.