From inception up until the setting up process, how did you start your business?

My father had previously been involved in the seafood industry and when I left school I asked my father if we could get back into the seafood industry so he helped me set it up and in 1995 Anassis Seafoods was born.

I looked for a location away from the majority of the other seafood distributors and a position where I had easy access to freeways for the city as well as the eastern and south eastern suburbs for distribution.

Blackburn seemed like the right choice. We also looked around to see what retailers were selling and saw such dramatic high prices along with some poor quality product in their windows. So we decided to sell directly to the public and offer them restaurant quality produce at wholesale prices.

My father handed me the control of the business about 8 years ago, although he is still involved in the business by managing my fresh products and my processing and production room.

What would you say stands out as the comparative advantage of your business over the competition?

The Melbourne seafood industry is very competitive so Anassis Seafoods always strives for fresh products, premium quality to our wholesale customers, but the one thing that make us stand out from the majority is that we really put a lot of effort in trying to offer the same quality, prices and service to the general public.

How is business currently?

Business has been growing at a steady rate; people are starting to prefer more seafood while eating out.
But they are also starting to entertain more at home by cooking up some salmon or barramundi on the BBQ as opposed to the standard choices of meat. Moreover they are trying to recreate their favourite restaurant seafood meals at home.

Has your Greek Australian background played any role in your business?

The seafood industry is heavily dominated by Greek Australian owner operators along with Greek Australian staff members.

It’s also known throughout the restaurant and hospitality industry that if you want good quality seafood you should buy from a Greek seafood wholesaler.

In your opinion, what fish should Australians eat more of?

Australians should buy either fresh or frozen Australian seafood and support the local industry.

They should try eating all the different types of varieties of fish we have on offer, since each fish has its distinct flavour with some best cooked fried and others grilled. Most people get bored of fish because they keep having the same thing every week and we all know how good fish is for our diet and well being and that’s why we encourage our regular customers to try something different.

Australia has some of the most pristine fishing waters in the world with a huge variety of species to choose from.

What is your vision for the future of your business?

To continue to grow both our wholesale and retail business.