Ms Vithoulkas’ A homage to Melbourne’s North, (25 January 2010), reveals a very narrow minded assessment of Melbourne.

How about all the ‘wogs’ that live in Malvern, Ms Vithoulkas?

If that’s how she feels, why doesn’t she move to Mildura were there is a real ‘sense of community’ and she can pick as many grapefruits as she likes. I suppose she has not heard of Oakleigh, Dandenong, Footscray, or Doncaster, where there are lots of culturally divese people. If she saved her money, or got another job, I bet she’ll move to one of these suburbs she condemns, straight away.

A lot of ‘wogs’ live where they live because that’s where they chose to live, for whatever reason, be it family or work, or just to be next to someone that come from the same village. Ms Vilthoukas should catch a bus, train, tram, or a donkey, and travel to the other side of the Yarra River were she might find that all our s–t smells the same and then she may stop stereotyping.

Greg Xanthakis
Sunshine VIC 3020