Ross (Spiro) Alatsas has stepped into the role of acting chairperson for the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC). Mr Alatsas has been deputy chairperson of the VMC since 2011.

Ross Alatsas replaces Chin Tan, who resigned suddenly five months before his contract was up.

Mr Alatsas said he is honoured to be taking on the mantle of acting chairperson during the recruitment process for the VMC’s next chairperson.

“I am proud to work with Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities through my work with the VMC, and to be given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to multiculturalism in our state,” said Mr Alatsas.

Mr Alatsas has a long and impressive history of involvement in the Greek and wider Victorian communities, having been the general manager of the Greek Media Group since 1997.

He has been involved with various committees and advisory councils promoting Victoria’s cultural diversity, including the Steering Committee for the Asian Football League Asian Cup 2015.

Mr Alatsas assisted in the establishment the first 24-hour Chinese radio station, 3CW, and also served as a member of the Business Advisory Council for community television station C31.

“The VMC undertakes important and exciting work that strengthens our community.

We will continue to promote the many social, cultural and economic benefits of multiculturalism that we are so proud of in Victoria,” said Mr Alatsas.