Theo Giantsos you’re out of line with your views, I am not sure which side of the fence you are on.

You say we need to compromise with Skopje and drop the term FYROM which you say is an ad-hoc, transitional name, but I beg to differ as  Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  is even lucky to have the name Macedonia included.

They are a Slavic people with a Slavic language. It is  not just the extremist elements in Skopje that drive their case, it is the whole population of FYROM who share those views from the minute you step foot on Skopje’s “Alexander The Great” airport, to the  propaganda on TV, to historical manipulations at schools and so on.

The Bulgarians  recognise there language as being Slavo -Bulgarian. The Serbians recognise their church only as Southern Serb.

So why should  Greeks compromise and lose more of our Macedonian indentity and history?Macedonia was is and always will be Greek.

A compromise name would be Yugoslav Macedonia which is geographically  what it is, or the popular geographic name used nationally in FYROM simply Republic of Vardaska.
Luke Bilones
Wheelers Hill VIC