To celebrate the Kastellorizian Association of Victoria’s 90-year existence, an exhibition will be hosted at its South Melbourne premises. But you’ll have to get in quick. The remarkable show will only run for two days.

With many of the island’s inhabitants’ possessions destroyed or looted over time (a reflection of Kastellorizo’s turbulent history), the exhibits have been handed down through generations and are considered to be a unique and invaluable historical record.

“It is probably true to say that the largest collection of historical Kastellorizian jewellery, costumes, household items and artefacts are scattered throughout Australia, and have been brought here through immigration,” curator Connie Gregory told Neos Kosmos.

Supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the exhibition brings together donated items and pieces from private collections including jewellery, talismans, elaborate traditional clothing, embroidery, samplers, and historical photographs.

“One of the aims of the display is to encourage people to document their own possessions from a bygone era, and the associated stories – to keep memories of their heritage alive to pass to the next generation,” said Ms Gregory.

Co-author of the book of photographs An Island in Time, showing the island’s life between 1890 and 1948, Nicholas Bogiatzis will present a talk on traditional Kastellorizian jewellery and artefacts on Sunday 16 August at 2.30 pm.

Treasures from Kastellorizo are on display on 15-16 August from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm at the Kastellorizian Association of Victoria, 250 Dorcas Street.