Greece is fast becoming the fourth most popular tourist destination in the European Union for 2010 according to the Eurobarometer survey released last week.

Spain is still the most popular tourist destination with Italy second and France third most popular tourist destinations.

To the question, “Where do you intend to spend your holidays in 2010,” 8.3 percent responded Spain, 6 percent Italy, 5.8 percent France and 3.9 percent Greece.

Seventy six percent of Greeks intend to spend their holidays in Greece  and only two percent of Greeks intends to spend their holidays in Italy and Germany.

Four in five Greeks organise their own holidays, a figure higher than the European average of three in five.

Only nine per cent of Greeks resort to travel agencies to organise their holidays as compared to 23 percent of Europeans.

Just over one in five Greeks declared that they did not go for holidays in 2008 and 2009 for financial reasons.

Overseas travel is most popular with the Norwegians (84 percent), the Finnish (83 percent), the Dutch (79 percent) and the Irish (78 percent), according to the Eurobarometer survey.