Posthumous reputation is not really common in music compared to other forms of art, but the case of Alive She Died is a proud exception.

It took 28 years after the infamous split of the ’80s Greek band for its work to reach a wider audience.

Gucci chose to invest the video for its newest campaign, titled The Cruise 2016 Campaign, with one of the band’s songs, which is in fact an adaptation of She’s Lost Control by UK band Joy Division.

The almost three minute clip, directed by Glen Luchford, shows a cohort of boys and girls in colourful outfits dancing in a rather improvised style.

Alive She Died formed in 1984 in Athens and disbanded in 1987, from which point on the members – Dafni Yerogianni, Tina Gouti, Yorgos Ginis, Yorgos Bousounis and Xenophon Xenios – followed different career paths, according to Greek media reports.

During the years the group was active, playing music described as new wave-minimal, they produced two self-released tapes. Even though they never worked under a record label, they were, however, the second Greek band to secure an appearance on the MTV channel.

The adaptation of She’s Lost Control was included in the first tape by the band, released in 1985.

Assuming that only a few copies of the demo tape circulated due to the low-budget production, we cannot help but wonder how the director of the Gucci advertisement Glen Luchford came across the song.