A study undertaken by German-American company Younicos has found the Aegean island of Tilos has the potential to renew 80 per cent of its energy by installing an intelligent microgrid battery.
The recent finding suggested the implementation of its technology could significantly reduce overheads for generating costly fossil fuel-based energy, and safeguard the island from energy shortages.

The company’s chief consulting officer, Robert Manasse, said results would reduce the cost of living on the island and could transform it into an energy exporter into the greater Mediterranean area.

“Implementing storage with our intelligent software will enable Tilos to power itself solely from wind and solar energy, with the existing diesel plant used for back-up only,” he said.

“This project is also useful with respect to market development on other islands in the Mediterranean. Greece could significantly reduce its dependence on imported fossils fuels, while creating value at home by utilising its abundant natural resources.”

Younicos says its renewable project forms in line with the European Commission’s ‘Horizon 2020’ program, an €80 billion scheme designed to further develop the continent’s economic growth and create jobs through research development.