S e i v: Unparalleled quality

Casual denim becomes a sophisticated designer textile in the hands of Sarah Vosper

S e i v is run by designer Sarah Vosper, a UTS Fashion and Textile Graduate, and winner of the 2013 Woolmark campaign, collaborating with luxe Australian label Jac + Jack.

The Greek Australian designer, was also a finalist in the 2012 NSW Business Chamber Fashion and Textile Award.

Vosper has been into sewing from a young age, creating and repairing clothes initially for her baby dolls. During high school she explored a fashion course at Ultimo TAFE, which is how her journey as a designer began.

“I enrolled because I was really into illustration, and that pretty much combined all of my favourite things, illustration, sewing, textile manipulation and determination,” she enthuses.

With the motto ‘It’s time for change’, Vosper’s brainchild sees the wasteful years of mass-production and low-quality items being replaced by conscious living, considerate souls and an appreciation for quality over quantity.

S e i v is a modern and unique shift in Australian fashion, aiming to become a classic brand by offering modern designs for the contemporary woman.

“We want to see these garments loved and softened by being worn in, not out, and therefore hanging in our future grandchildren and great-grandchildren’s wardrobes.

“However, it looks further ahead than the now, or even the next couple of years,” she says.

“We want women to purchase a denim piece, love it to death by wearing it in and having it mould and soften to their body, then either put it to the side for a season and bring it out the next, or keep it around every season by simply styling it differently with beautiful basics.”

Vosper gets inspired by feelings, and the design process starts with a woman’s body – how she would like to look and feel, with her fast-paced modern lifestyle in mind, and how she could tackle her daily obligations in the same outfit. The designer, a multi-tasking female herself, aspires to empower women and make sure they feel comfortable in their clothes, yet sexy, which is why she chose denim.

“Denim has this armour-like protective quality to it because it is hard-wearing, yet it also has a beautiful soft side that melts and moves with the body after each wear and wash.”

By adapting the powerful and influential textile of denim into a modern fast-paced city context, the label presents a nonchalant attitude with a modern, clean-line, yet sophisticated aesthetic.

S e i v‘s garments add a clean-line, refined edge to otherwise casual pieces that play with both feminine and boyish styles.

“Our garments are designed to be worn all day; they are fresh, unique, with a strong focus on quality, comfort and versatility.”

People want to enter the world based on how they feel, therefore clothes play an important part in everyday life. In the eyes of the designer, clothes are a statement, no matter how subtle they are.

“Even someone who claims they are not into fashion, technically is.

Their slouchy unwashed T-shirt tells society something about their personality, who they are, how they feel, even if that isn’t their intention,” she explains.

“We have shifted denim into a modern context, where it is sophisticated enough to keep casual or easily dressed up for the evening, depending on personal style adjustments.”

Vosper was taught all about the value of quality by her Greek grandmother and mother, as well as the numerous times that she, as a young woman, wasted money on clothes that fell apart after a few wears.

“My yiayia and my mum insisted that investing in a good pair of quality shoes was important, rather than buying cheap, feet-damaging shoes.

“I would usually be given money to buy either a really nice pair of shoes or a beautiful quality dress for Christmas or my birthday – it taught me to value key quality pieces,” she says.

“In saying that, consumer behaviour is about being smart; just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it is of high quality and vice versa.”

The label’s focus on quality starts from fabric sourcing, to trims, the makers and even the wash house they support.

“We source the very best textiles and pay close attention to detail, making sure seams and finishes are both aesthetically pleasing and the most long-lasting they can be,” Vosper says.

“Having garments produced locally can be challenging from a price point of view in the ever-competitive fashion market, but it provides a process of ultimate control and trust. We work with teams who care about the end result, not just the dollar, and that is our backbone.”

For more information check out www.seiv.com.au and sarah@seiv.com.au