The Minister for Finance and Multicultural Affairs of Victoria, the Hon. Robin Scott, will attend and address the Christmas party and the student award presentation of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM).

During the event, the GCM will award students who excelled in Modern and Classical Greek in this year’s VCE exams. The awards will be presented not only to students of the GCM schools but also to students of other educational institutions.

The education convenor of the GCM, Mr Theo Markos, stated that the Community encourages and promotes the teaching of Greek in all sectors, and acknowledges the fine work done by all education providers. He especially noted the need for the Greek language to be taught in the public sector, thus making it accessible to students of all ethnic backgrounds.

“Achievement awards will not only be given to the students from our Community schools, but also to the top student in the state as well as the top achiever within the public sector. Greek is a widely-spoken language within the Australian community and this should be reflected in our Victorian state education curriculum. We are also excited that this is the first year that our students will be assessed at VCE level in the subject of Classical Greek.

“We see this as the beginning of a new era where once again, classical and community languages will regain their rightful place in our education system.”

The event will be held on Thursday 17 December and will be attended by students, parents, teachers, GCM benefactors, members and friends, board members and staff.