For more than five decades the Greek Orthodox Community of Oakleigh and Districts has been educating children in the Greek language, establishing itself as an integral stakeholder in the local and wider Greek community.

Last year saw the introduction of many new and exciting curriculum initiatives at Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre. Apart from the traditional Greek dance classes that are conducted at the school, a music program was offered to students. A number of students undertake bouzouki lessons in group and private sessions conducted in a formal setting with a music curriculum developed based on each individual student’s level of competency.

Advanced classes have also been added to the curriculum to accommodate students who have recently arrived from Greece or those wanting to deepen their Greek language skills in an engaging and challenging setting. The curriculum covered in the advanced classes is based on that taught in schools in Greece.

A number of students undertook the examination for the Certificate of Attainment in the Greek Language, achieving excellent results in comparison to other schools in the local area. Students were well supported by their teachers in preparing for this examination, with many extra sessions designed to provide students with the utmost opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome.

As of 2015, Sts Anargiri Greek Language Centre became one of only a handful of schools throughout Victoria offering Classical Greek as a VCE subject. This provides students with an opportunity to not only study the ancient Greek language but also gain valuable extra points on their ATAR score.

Now 2016 is looking to be another exciting year as the school aims to build on developing the curriculum to meet the needs of students while also providing many more opportunities for them to immerse themselves in the Greek language through engaging learning programs. A cultural program will be introduced, providing those students who choose to participate with engaging activities to develop their Greek language skills even further through song, dance and drama.

Another key focus in 2016 will be to encourage students and parents to engage in the Greek language outside of the classroom setting, and the school aims to assist in equipping students and parents with tools and strategies in order to do this successfully.

This year the school will also be looking to extend its educational offerings to adult learners. The introduction of adult Greek language classes this year will provide an excellent opportunity for those wishing to learn Greek by undertaking a course specifically designed to cater for the needs of adult learners. If you wish to improve your skills and knowledge of Modern Greek or simply want to experience the richness of the Greek language, then this course is perfect for you.

Making the right choice about your child’s education is of utmost importance for their future. Therefore, it is important to take into consideration what the school can provide in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for their learning.