Oakleigh state Labor MP Steve Dimopoulos has described an anti-skyrail group’s YouTube clip comparing him to Hitler as “bizarre” and “offensive”.

The anti-skyrail lobbyists, describing themselves as “a bunch of angry residents” had posted the short satirical “Skyrail Steve” video on YouTube according to The Leader newspaper. It has now been removed.

The Skyrail Steve Dimopoulos Song started with footage of Mr Dimopoulos saying the Skyrail is an “awesome idea” before the singer breaks in with: “Skyrail Steve, what do you mean when you say you consulted communities? That’s crap, you never spoke to me, now you treat us like we live in Nazi Germany”.

The video, which had more than 650 views before being removed, also showed a military tank running people over with Mr Dimopoulos driving.

Members of the No Skyrail lobby group have distanced themselves from the makers of the video.

Dianne Hunt, Secretary of Lower Our Tracks Inc organisers of the No Skyrails Campaign told Leader that Lower Our Tracks Inc. did not approve the video concerned.