I’ve always been more of a summer person. I prefer the heat, I love a balmy evening, a weekend at the beach and the smell of hot sand.

But these days, I’ve started coming around to the colder months. It’s not so bad, the old winter time. There are two marvellous things about winter: coats, and my favourite, boots. I love boots.

A good boot is a beautiful thing because they keep your feet lovely and warm and you looking wonderful. But more than that, boots are a staple of humanity.

I bet the cavemen were wearing boots before they were wearing pants.

The boot has been around since ancient times, has a myriad of uses and is probably the most popular form of footwear known to man.

Just take a moment to think of how many types of boots there are in existence: gum boots, galoshes and Wellington boots; hiking boots, riding boots, snow boots and work boots; gothic boots, kinky boots, go-go boots, biker boots and cowboy boots; and Ugg Boots, Doc Martens and Blundstones. I could keep going all day.

There are boot cut jeans, some people have boot fetishes, they pull themselves up by their bootstraps and they head off to boot camp. Nancy Sinatra sang

‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’ in the 60s and single-handedly began the trend for go-go boots.

Whatever your preference, everyone should own a pair of boots that makes them feel incredible.

Whether they are flats or heels, outrageous or very demure, the right pair of boots can become a wardrobe staple and one of your best fashion friends.

Personally, I find a new pair of boots to love each year and this winter there are several key trends that are getting me very excited.

The ankle boot

This is the look for winter. Every store in town has released their own version (or versions) of the ankle boot and you will find them in a myriad of colours, fabrics and heights.

A plain black leather ankle boot with a fairly high but chunky heel can get you through any situation and will work with pretty much any outfit you could imagine.

They can be worn under pants, over skinny jeans, with skirts, leggings and dresses. They’re super cute with a pair of socks and a printed dress. Name a fashion combination and the ankle boot will work with it, making them a timeless and a worthwhile investment.

The knee high

The old knee-high boot is a classic favourite. But this year things have gotten a little more interesting with the introduction of over-the-knee and thigh-high boots.

They’re best in suede or soft leather to guarantee comfort and a slouchy fit.

The best thing about this style is that the soft fabrics allow for them to be pushed down or scrunched and provide a loose fit, so you never get that squished calf look that a traditional knee-high boot constructed from firm leather can give.

They’re best paired with leggings, textured mini skirt and your favourite winter coat.

The wedge heel

If you’re not a fan of the stiletto heel, fear not, the wedge heel is back with a vengence. When it comes to the wedge, higher is always better as it extends the legs and makes them look super long and sexy.

As usual, Tony Bianco is right on the money this winter, with a gorgeous suede ankle boot with a sky-high cork wedge heel; very much like the pair celebrity stylist

Rachel Zoe has been seen tottering around in over the past few months.

The biker boot

Indulge your inner rock star with a pair of motorcycle-inspired boots. There are plenty around this winter; look out for studded detailing, zips and big tough-looking soles. Wear with black jeans and a leather jacket for a biker chic look, or give a really girly look an injection of military cool by pairing with a floral dress.

Colours, textures and height…

Obviously black is your safest bet, but this season I’ve seen some brilliant boots in navy, dark violet and dark green that have sent my pulse racing. Slate greys, taupes and chocolate browns will also get your pins some attention.

Suede provides a slouchy fit and ensures comfort, however you’ll need to invest in some good water-proofing spray to ensure they make it through the rainy winter months.

Ankle boots look great in patent leather and there are some brilliant faux fur and feather creations out there at the moment.

Once again this year, heels are reaching astronomical heights. If you can’t handle a stiletto, look for a chunkier heel that will provide more support, perhaps consider a Cuban heel. They’re chunky, stylish and comfortable.