The Spartans had a resounding win on Saturday over Brunswick NOBSPC by 50 points.

Spartans won every quarter, led at every change, had 7 different goalkickers and won 16.23.119 to 10.9.69.

1st Qtr 4.7.31 to 4.3.27

2ndQtr 9.14.68 to 6.4.40

3rd Qtr 13.17.95 to 9.6.60

4th Qtr 16.23.119 to 10.9.69

Goalkickers: D. Lauletta 5, J. Farah 5, D. Korlos 2, T. Barber 1, N. Criticos 1, A. Mitropoulos 1, D. Tyrrell 1.
Best Players: J. Farah, D. Soale, D. Tyrrell, N. Criticos, D. Lauletta and N. Gieschen.

Next Match for Round 4 vs South Mornington is on Saturday 30 April at 11.40am at the club’s home (Rathmines Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne.

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