Gentlemen, just because winter is setting in doesn’t mean it’s a free pass to dress like a slob. Many guys see winter as a time to get around in dodgy old hoodies and ratty old pants, when in fact, winter is a brilliant time for men’s fashion.

To get yourself through the colder months you just need a few wardrobe basics: a couple of pairs of good jeans in black or dark blue denim; a few casual shirts and t-shirts; a good pair of shoes; a few lightweight knit jumpers or vests; a scarf and a great jacket.

It may seem like a lot for some guys, but trust me it’s not. These are actually things you need to get you through winter looking smart and feeling warm.

If you only buy two of the things on that list, make sure they’re the scarf and the jacket. Too many guys ignore scarves. Why? They’re genius. They’re a very easy way of injecting a bit of colour into your outfit and they keep your neck nice and warm.

Men wear so few accessories, it’s quite nice to see them experimenting with scarves. They’re such a whimsical accessory, they conjure up memories of The Great Gatsby, and Europe in the winter. There’s something so alluring, sophisticated and elegant about a man with a well tied scarf.

A good jacket is an extremely wise and worthwhile investment. A classic style and colour will keep you warm and looking good for many winters to come.

This season, leather jackets are huge. I know a lot of men think they’re not ‘leather jacket kind of guys,’ but it’s simply not true. Leather jackets come in such a variety of styles and colours that there is sure to be something out there to suit even the fussiest of guys.

Also on the radar this season – military style detailing. Look out for jackets and coats with details like pleats, brassy buttons and shoulder detailing, they can give a plain old trench coat a much more updated feel.

Guys should also not discount the blazer. I know they might remind you of your school days, but there is nothing schoolboy about today’s blazers. They’re smart, warm and very versatile, easily dressing up even the most basic of outfits.

If you want to keep your look very basic, stick to dark and muted tones. Black is always classic and this year grey is back in a big way from deep charcoal all the way through to lighter shades. Playing with textures is a great way to modernise your look.

A leather jacket paired with denim jeans and scarf in a big chunky knit will keep you looking very up to date and warm.

Don’t forget, layering works just as well for guys too. Consider a long sleeved t-shirt under a lightweight jumper, or a vest over a shirt – these can help keep chilly winds at bay.