Please don’t break Kalomoira’s heart by disliking her new single. Yes, Greece’s favourite pop princess has returned to the soundwaves with a new song, which features US rap artist and radio personality Fatman Scoop.

After two years out of the limelight, Kalomoira Sarantis premiered her new song on Greece’s version of Dancing with the Stars.

The track is called Please Don’t Break My Heart and is typical of both the pop genre and of Kalomoira’s style; she has successfully managed to combine a Caribbean drum beat, slow sultry lyrics, and the hint of innocence that first saw her escalate to stardom.

Sarantis filmed the film clip in Turkey and has released the song in English. If her past successes are anything to go by, young Greek audiences will undoubtedly embrace it with open ears.

Fans can also expect the release of her fifth full-length studio album in the middle of the year.

In an interesting twist, Fatman Scoop was actually in Australia last month. Tour information is hard to find on this guy, but we can confirm that he played an intimate show in Canberra of all places!

He is best known for the song Be Faithful, which made it to number five on the Australian charts back in 2003.

After winning the reality talent show Fame Story 2 in 2004, Kalomoira became Greece’s favourite import. Kalomoira madness swept the nation for years on end, and the country swallowed her whole.

She migrated to Greece for a lengthy stay after acquiring a deal with her record label and winning 200,000 euro worth of prize money from the television contest.

She went on to record four studio albums, one which achieved Gold status, and represented Greece in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

In mid-2008, rumours soared concerning her abrupt departure from Greece back to her home in the United States. Some say she was fed up with not being taken seriously enough as a performer, others were convinced it had much to do with a conflict of interest surrounding her contract with the music label.

Nevertheless, she has since returned to Heaven Music in Greece and seems to be right on track for round two.