The ‘Macedonian’ Human Rights Movement International (MHRMI) based in Toronto, Canada and the Australian ‘Macedonian’ Human Rights committee (AMHRC) based in Melbourne have apparently reiterated (April 29, 2010) their call for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to cease all negotiations with Greece over its name.

They specifically stated: “MHRMI and AMHRC call on: ‘Macedonia’ (FYROM) to stop the negotiations immediately and tell the international community that it is not willing to compromise its name and identity.

The rest of the international community, and EU in particular, to join the 127 countries that have recognised ‘Macedonia’, including 4/5 UN Security Council members, and to finally put an end to the irrational name dispute and immediately recognise ‘Macedonia’ under its constitutional name.”

The Hellenic American Chronicle, writes that the ‘Macedonian’ Human Rights Movement International and the ‘Macedonian’ Human Rights committee “are notorious for promoting nationalistic propaganda and undermining the multicultural cohesion of Canada and Australia.”

The Greek American Chronicle have writen “They [MHRMI and AMHRC] actively engage in the systematic dissemination of historical revisionist material regarding the history of the region of Macedonia in order to justify their territorially aggressive stance and their attempts to monopolise the name Macedonia.”

The American Chronicle went on to write “This is clearly evident through their call on the government of FYROM to cease the UN-brokered name negotiations with Greece.”

Con Kouremenos a representative of Australian Macedonian Advisory Council talking to Neos Kosmos, said “AMAC deplores the call by these two organisations for the cease in the name negotiations between the FYROM and Greece.”

Mr Kouremenos added; “A compromise can only be reached through negotiations, and this is the vision that must be shared and supported by FYROM communities worldwide in order to join the European Union.”