The Presidium meeting of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (W.H.I.A) has completed its meetings in Athens, Greece with a strong call for actions of support by the Greek Diaspora in the economic recovery of Greece.

“During our stay we saw the Greek Government accept the package of offers from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.

Greece faces many years of difficulties but we have been impressed with the strong stance of the Greek Government in these extraordinary times for Greece and Europe,” Victorian MP John Pandazopoulos, President of W.H.I.A said.

Mr Pandazopoulos conveyed to Greek officials the message that the Diaspora, as it has always done in times of crisis for Greece, will start to defend Greece from bad publicity and explain Greece’s austerity measures.

The Greek Diaspora, Mr Pandazopoulos added, understands that confidence in Greece needs to be rebuilt, and they will undertake a range of initiatives that support Greece and its economy.

The World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association was founded on August 1996 when a group of elected legislators of Greek origins in non-Greek speaking countries, met in Athens in order to establish the organisation.

As of today, the W.H.I.A members are about 224 including members with the title of President, former Prime-Minister, Minister, Member of Parliament, Senator, Congressman, State Representative and State Senator elected in 25 countries and 70 different legislative bodies around the globe.

The Association’s purposes are to build relations and contacts between members of legislatures, to strengthen relations of friendship and cooperation between Greece, the respective countries and their Parliaments.

They aim to promote issues of mutual concern such as the repatriation of the Parthenon Marbles in Greece and support the Hellenes of the Diaspora.