Panathinaikos lost the final of the CEV Cup Final in Athens last Sunday, going down to Russian side Lokomotiv Belgorod.

The greens missed out on claiming European volleyball’s second most prestigious trophy losing three sets to one.

The Belgorod side won their first CEV Cup after having won the Champion’s League twice before.

Panathinaikos took an 11-10 lead in the first set but Lokomotiv were not to be denied, taking it 25-19 despite the animated atmosphere from the home crowd.

The hosts redoubled their efforts in the second set, winning it 25-17, and prompting hopes of a full comeback.

Lokomotiv upped their game with excellent serving and a strong block that gave them the third set 25-20, bringing them one step closer to the trophy.
Panathinaikos started the stronger team in the fourth set and led 10-8.

However, a 7-1 partial score for the Russians, including three aces, gave them an unassailable lead, that gave them the 25-20 lead to seal their victory.

There were two small consolation prizes for Panathinaikos’s Liberman Agamez, who won the top scorer and the Most Valuable Player awards.

Panathinaikos fans once again did not fill the stands, but the 12,000 or so fans created an intimidating atmosphere.