Now you can Scoot all the way from Australia to Athens anytime

With state of the art equipment and the lowest prices around, visiting friends and family in Greece becomes accessible to all.

A new airline is on the radar, “an airline for the young, the young-at-heart and the value-seeking”, as they say, and with flights from $325 for Australia to Athens, it sure sounds right.

Scoot’s aim is to provide people who remember that travel is all about spontaneous discovery, connections and fresh experiences the chance to explore even more destinations.

Operating an all-Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet (six 787-8 and six 787-9 currently, with eight more on order) the airline offers more comfort and amenities, which is the reason it was named Asia/Pacific’s Best Low Cost Airline in 2016, for the third year running.

If you don’t mind travelling light in economy, Scoot offers an impeccable delivery service with personality, a contemporary feel and the choice to only pay for what matters. Extra luggage and meals come for a fee, however, still competitive when it comes to overseas travel. All this thanks to Scoot aircraft’s fuel efficiency and increased use of lighter-weight composite materials that help keep air fares low, passing on even greater value to customers.

Meanwhile, the airline provides a ‘silence/quiet zone’, called Scoot-in-silence, at the front section of the economy cabin where no children or infants under 12 are allowed to reserve seats. All seats in this zone are fitted with extra headrests for additional comfort. Flyers can also reserve preferred seats (Standard, Super, Stretch seats) online for a minimum fee. The option to maximise one’s space is also available by placing an order online for one or two empty seats for a small fee (provided seats are available, the request will be approved 12 hrs before departure).

Upgrading to Super/Stretch or ScootBiz seats after check-in or on board is also available, however, at the cost of a ticket with a standard airline, flying ScootBiz is more than tempting. If Scoot’s economy class changes the concept of low-cost travel, ScootBiz takes it a step further − or rather, 20 miles ahead.

One can relax in the comfortable leather seats with double legroom with priority check-in and boarding, starting at the front of the queue with priority disembarkation. While there is a 30kg check-in baggage allowance, another piece (up to 15kg) of cabin baggage is available. In-seat charging outlets keep your gadgets charged throughout your flight. You can also stream movies and TV shows to your devices with ScooTV. In addition, ScootBiz customers get a welcome drink and one additional alcoholic beverage, including a meal from a wide selection menu.

Blankets and pillows are not provided to any of the passengers but the cabin’s humidity is programmable based on the number of passengers, and allows 15 per cent humidity settings instead of the four per cent found in conventional aircraft, whereas the four-way adjustable headrests and footrests guarantee a comfortable journey. Newly-designed overhead bins provide 30 per cent larger space than industry standards for both economy and business class passengers. An integrated LED mood lighting system can be adjusted to reflect daylight and night-time to match the change in time zones gradually throughout the duration of a flight.

There is also the in-flight wi-fi perk, available in three sessions [1 hour (US$11.95), 3 hours (US$16.95), 24 hours (US$21.95)], charging only for the session duration, not for running data or time consumed. As long as a wi-fi session has duration remaining, it can be transferred on the onward flight to the final destination.

All in all this service combines low-cost accessibility and convenience to Scoot from Australia to Athens via Singapore, with flights four times per week during peak summer season and two times off peak.

Visiting friends and relatives back home has never looked easier or more affordable!

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