Sisters Nikolina and Kali Christopoulou are the two sandal lovers behind unisex label Kito 1981.

Kito 1981 is a Greek brand established in Australia, with Nikolina working from Sydney to deliver quality leather sandals around the world.

“We see Kito 1981 leather sandals as a way to define and refine each individual’s unique element. They are the ultimate accessory – an accent of sophistication,” Nikolina says.

“All Kito 1981 sandals are hand-made in Greece – the same place leather sandals have been made and worn for centuries. This history, and timelessness of quality leather sandals, is the true ‘element’ of Kito 1981 itself.”

Nikolina was born in Greece and grew up between the Greek mainland and the idyllic Cyclades islands. With qualifications as an optometrist and experience as a fashion buyer throughout Europe, she moved to Sydney five years ago and chose Australian soil to grow the Kito 1981 brand while her sister, Kali, is based in Patras, Greece.

With regular trips to Greece, Nikolina ensures all products from Kito 1981 are of premium design and quality performance, liaising with the best local producers.

“Only the finest, selectively- sourced materials are used,” she emphasises guiding us through her newest collection of sandals; more minimal and stylish than ever.
“What makes Kito 1981 unique is that all the products are created with an eye for quality,” she affirms.

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