Last week the top students who came first in their course for HSC 2016 subjects were named and awarded a certificate by Education Minister Adrian Piccoli.

– Stephanie Kritikos from Open High School received an award for Modern Greek Beginners
– Panagiota Naya Damigou from Saturday School of Community Languages St George Girls HS Centre received a certificate for Modern Greek Continuers
– Maxwell Glanville from Sydney Grammar School excelled in the Classical Greek Continuers category
– Fotina Bouranta from Saturday School of Community Languages Ashfield Boys HS Centre received a Modern Greek Extension distinction
– Mark Henry Rothery from St Ignatius’ College was awarded for his performance in Classical Greek Extension.


“I started studying Greek in Year 11. At first I found it challenging and different to studying other languages, especially because of the alphabet but then I got used to it. My Greek has improved so much and I can hold a conversation in Greek now. I may even pick it up at university, depending on which course I do,” says Stephanie Kritikos.

“I began Classical Greek studies in Year 8 and I loved it from then. I think it’s one of the most beautiful cultures in the world and I want to continue learning about the Greek language and culture. I actually hope to learn the Modern Greek language and eventually go to Greece and experience and see some of what I’ve learnt over the years. I loved learning about Greek history, mythology, the historical events- all the wonderful stories that are so interconnected. There was never a dull moment, I felt there was always something interesting to learn, I loved it all. I play soccer with lots of mates of Greek background and I hope they are proud of me!” says Maxwell Glanville.