True to tradition, the Greek Orthodox Community of Australia celebrated the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, with events held in all the major Australian cities. The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia organised services for the commemoration of the Epiphany all across Victoria.

Many Greek Australians celebrated Theofania in beaches and waters all over Australia, enjoying the summery weather. In Melbourne, celebrations were a little uncomfortable after the recent water contamination following the flooding, which deterred several would-be swimmers.

While thousands gathered in Rye, the hundred attendees at the otherwise closed Frankston beach saw only a few young men agree that the pay off was worth taking the health risk.

Stelios Kardas, 37, retrieved the cross in Rye, while of those braving the ban to jump in for the cross in Melbourne’s south-east, 28-year-old Theognosios Dimitriou was the one to snatch the cross.

The majority of faithful, Greek community and state officials are expected to arrive at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne tomorrow, Sunday 8 January to enjoy celebrations at the historic location that was many Greek migrants’ first view of Australia.

Theognosios Dimitriou, received the blessing after finding the cross in Frankston. Photo: Kostas Deves

Stelios Kardas after retrieving the cross. Photo: Kostas Kakalias/ Constantly Flashing