Embracing the heart of summer the Sun of a Beach way

The premium Greek beach towel label exclusively designed for style-savvy summer lovers launches in Australia.

Sun of a Beach is one of the most popular summer brands in Greece, offering premium beach towels and beach accessories featuring one-of-a-kind prints and high-quality materials.

We offer high quality products, influenced by modern life, the arts, Mediterranean aesthetics and fashion.

It was in 2012 that two friends − fashion designer Melina Pispa and stylist Ellie Rountou − came up with the idea under the bright Greek sun.
Rountou had a long career as fashion editor for the Greek edition of Elle magazine, while Pispa had started her eponymous bridal label in 2004.

With their combined forces and knowledge, success was only a matter of time. Even amid the hardest time of Greece’s financial recession, their towels were topping the sales, becoming a sought-after fashion accessory.

It did not take long for the brand to become a favourite on social media, with Instagram boosting their sales beyond Greek borders. The Mediterranean towels are now hitting the coasts of Australia, rounding up the brand’s 100 per cent global outlook.

“For Greeks and Australians alike, a trip to the beach can be a fashion statement, apart from a relaxing, careless experience,” Melina Pispa tells Neos Kosmos, “which is why we decided to launch in Australia.

“We’ve spent innumerable summers surrounded by the Greek seas and we know all too well what summer is about. We believe we share the same beach culture and love for summer and sea as the Aussies; that’s why we are certain they will appreciate our product and create strong memories with them. We have had some very positive feedback so far, but we are still at the beginning.”

What inspired you to start a beach towel label?
It all started back in 2012, when we decided to give the ole beach towel the style it was lacking; make it fashionable. Even though designers were focusing on creating trendy and unusual beach bags, sunnies or bathers, the beach towel remained an accessory of secondary importance. We took top quality towel, soft and absorbent, and combined it with premium cotton fabrics featuring summery patterns, always keeping a seasonal, trendy twist. Our inspiration is the long, hot Greek summers, the deep blue seas and golden sand beaches, juxtaposed with our love for fashion and style.

Where do you source your fabrics?
All our products are inspired, designed and made in Greece! This is how we choose to contribute to the local economy, which is in much need of support, but also how we keep being on top of production, ensuring the final product is delivered exactly as we want it − flawless.

How did the decision to launch the label in Australia come about?
At the moment, Sun of a Beach products are available in 60 stores in Greece, throughout Europe and the United States, and also at the brand’s e-shop, which offers worldwide delivery.

Each towel comes with a stylish burlap branded bag − perfect to carry your towel to your favourite beach.

Being a seasonal product, Australia was the next step, not only to ensure a year-long viability for the brand, but also because our label suits perfectly the hip Australian beach culture and aesthetics. Australia has an abundance of stunning, endless beaches that suit the label’s love for summertime.

Are you planning on expanding your range to more products?
We already have expanded the Sun of a Beach range to include beach bags, pouches, backpacks and vests. We have also introduced custom-made designs for hotels who want to offer their guests branded pool towels. For the 2016 Greek summer we prepared an endangered sea species line, with a percentage of the profits benefiting WWF. What differentiates us from other brands and our speciality is beach towels, which come in four sizes. The result is a variety of beach towels for the style-savvy and the comfort-seekers, the kids and the grown-ups, women and men. We appeal to all those who love summertime, enjoy travelling and consider the beach towel to be the most important summer accessory.

Any plans or dreams for the future?
Hand-made and locally produced in Greece, each Sun of a Beach product inevitably holds a piece of summer bliss, ready to escort you on your next beach voyage. We want there to be a Sun of a Beach towel on every single beach around the world!

The brand’s striking designs have attracted world-famous fashion bloggers the likes of Chiara Ferragni, who recently shared Sun of a Beach with her 16 million followers.

To find out more, head to au.sunofabeach.com