A couple standing in line at a supermarket in California have copped an earful from a bystander for speaking in Greek.

Thanasi Papoulias together with his wife Sophia were waiting patiently while speaking in Greek in hushed tones, when they heard “grumbling” behind them, before a lady erupted, reminding them that “this is America!”.

“So I was standing in line at the grocery store, speaking to my wife … in Greek. Out of nowhere I hear some grumbling behind me that seemed like someone was trying to tell me something. I turn around, say ‘Excuse me?’ and I get a loud ‘Speak f–king English, this is America!” thrown at me,” Mr Papoulias wrote, recounting the confronting experience on his blog Excuse Me, Are You Greek?

“Then every curse word, in her minimal vocabulary, was thrown at me. To describe me, to tell me to go back to my country. Funny, I thought I WAS in my country – the country I was born in, the good ‘ol US of A!??!?

Mr Papoulias then says that he responded in perfect American-accented English, but it did not deter the woman from continuing to curse at him and his wife.

“I feel sorry for this lady. It’s obvious she has a chip on her shoulder and carries it with her everywhere she goes. Thank God my kids weren’t present,” he wrote.

The rant, which was in part caught on video by Mr Papoulias, comes just days before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

While it has yet to be confirmed whether the woman is in fact a Trump supporter, since his victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, there have been a number of racist incidents reported.

To view the video, visit http://www.excusemeareyougreek.com/2017/01/bye-felecia-told-speak-fing-e…