According to the latest reports 26 year old Demetrious Gargatsoulas is alleged to be the perpetrator of the brutal attack to innocent by passers in the heart of the CBD Melbourne this afternoon. The man, who was known to the police for family violence and drug related offences has been arrested after a maroon coloured car struck down a number of pedestrians near Bourke and Queen Street in Melbourne’s CBD just before 2pm on Friday, police have confirmed.

The erratic driver had been deliberately driving through pedestrians at 60km an hour during lunchtime.

Four people have been confirmed dead and over 20 are heavily injured, according to latest reports. Four of those injured are children and one is in critical condition.

Victoria Police locked down the scene and were urging people to avoid the area, however they indicated that the situation had been contained and that there was no ongoing threat to the public.

“We can confirm this is connected with an earlier [stabbing] incident in Windsor this morning,” Acting Commander Stuart Bateson said, adding that the offender was now in custody and assisting police with their inquiries.

He added it was “not a CT [counter-terrorism] related incident”.

The man is of Hellenic background, and went on a killing spree after a fight with his brother.