Alexia and Fernanda: The image changers

Join them for a makeup photographic experience that will transform you.

Alexia Hondros and Fernanda Ramos both possess a professional yet fun loving approach when it comes to creating beautiful images. Channelling each other’s positivity and focusing on inner beauty, they apply their combined years of editorial experience to transform everyday people.
Alexia’s makeup expertise and Fernanda’s photographic talent guarantee an experience that will change the way you see yourself, offering images that you will always be proud of and remember.

Alexia discovered makeup at the age of 15, and would experiment will trends the moment she set foot back home. Coming out of highschool, she had already realised her love for women and her strong desire to enhance and bring out their inner beauty. She completed two courses and started employment working for Napoleon Perdis as a makeup artist in Myer. Soon she realised she did not like the restrictions of shopping centres and decided to venture out on her own and become a freelancer. At a PR event thrown by Helen Reizer she crossed paths with Fernanda and their friendship has been prospering ever since.

Fernanda started out in front of the camera as a model gaining success nationally and overseas and furthered her career by studying hair and makeup. Working alongside a photographer however, she discovered – to her surprise – that mastering the art of the camera was her passion and true heart’s calling.

“Today’s generation is no longer obsessed with the way they look ,models and appearances as they were 20-30 years ago, the shift has now focused and we are more interested in discovering what s on the inside,” Alexia Hondros tells Neos Kosmos.

“We have become more spiritual and holistic in our approach and this is a great thing for women. Healthy eating and nourishing the soul is this generations focus, things like yoga Pilates, retreats the ocean and the trees are all a part of healing our souls and keeping us positive and happy.”

The duo insists that no one has to be a supermodel to have a photo-shoot and combine their skills, to create a look designed just for the person standing in front of the camera, chasing moments and emotions.

One of their most recent successes was the photo-shoot for the upcoming singer and songwriter Leea Nanos. A winning artist of many competitions, the young Greek Australian superstar has performed at most of the prestigious venues around Melbourne including Crown Casino, Regent theatre grand Hyatt Park and has also appeared in X Factor.

One of her favourite performances was for Olivia Newton John for her Cancer Wellness Centre where she was personally acknowledged and applauded by Olivia herself.
A testament to her versatility and flexibility as an artist, Leea is now known for her original songs both in UK and USA.

“The photoshoot was so much fun I cant believe how good I felt and looked in the photos,” Leea says.

“I have never seen myself look so beautiful, and the funny thing is I felt beautiful. The girls made me feel so comfortable, we laughed talked I just felt like I was at home. it was so easy and such a great day.”

Meanwhile, Leea has been asked to sing at the upcoming antipodes festival, which she has agreed to do.

Fernanda has her own studio where the girls do the majority of their work. They cover family photos, model portfolios, events, headshots, portraits and projects.

For enquiries or bookings please call Fernanda and Alexia on 0415268238 or email [email protected]