A group of young Greek Canadians are bound to set their own rules on how the music industry works by proving that the only thing a rock band needs today is fans.

Motion Device’s online campaign to fund its upcoming album Wide Awake reached its US$20,000 goal in less than three days since its launch and pledges have so far exceeded US $38,000, with the amount expected to grow even larger by the official campaign end date on 6 March.

This hardly comes as a surprise, with two previous releases Welcome to the Rock Revolution and Eternalize fully funded by their fans in 2014 and 2015.
Crowdfunding websites are on the rise, with more and more artists choosing them as ‘direct-to-fan’ platforms to fund their projects in return for guaranteeing an ‘experience’ or limited-edition product for their pledgers.

For US$15 the Motion Device appeal offers fans an advanced digital download of their album one week prior to release, while for more sizeable sums supporters can receive VIP merchandise bundles, tickets to upcoming shows and handwritten lyric sheets or even a signed acoustic guitar.
The funds raised will go directly towards recording, mixing and mastering the music for the band’s double CD-album which is set to be released in mid-2017.

The idea is for the upcoming CD Wide Awake to be a concept album, a tribute of sorts to some of their biggest influences, like Black Sabbath, Rush and Dream Theater.

Motion Device took its current form when three Greek Canadian siblings, bass player Andrea, drummer David and 15-year-old vocalist Sara Menoudakis joined forces with cousin guitarist Josh Marrocco.

Starting with uploading covers of classic rock and metal songs on YouTube, the band quickly grew in popularity, now boasting a loyal fan base of more than 78,000 followers.

According to the members, the band has been approached in the recent past by big name record labels, including Universal Music, and even TV producers suggesting the making of a reality show based on their blood ties.

As they explain, however, they ended up turning down all these offers, since they believe that the conventional profit-oriented music and show business would compromise their free artistic spirit, transforming their music into a commercialised product.

“Music belongs to people, not corporations,” says Sara Menoudakis, who also states in the band’s promo video for the crowdfunding campaign “we would rather give control to the ones that deserve it – you (the fans)”.

Representing the newest generation of musicians, the ambitious Motion Device members have proven that what was incredibly difficult 20 years ago in the music industry − a band managing to self-fund its album − is now feasible.

“We like to hit on the deeper topics and our fans really relate to the lyrics and music. There’s an energy about our sound that’s very hard to describe but the fans seem to get it – that’s what it’s all about,” says guitarist Josh Marrocco.

For more information on Motion Device and how to support their campaign, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/1990626762/motion-device-wide-awake-album