As part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), The Kooples is presenting a unique photography exhibition.

Titled ‘Latitudes, Attitudes’, the exhibition brings together the work of eight photographers who were given the same assignment: to capture 15 couples across 14 locations, all of which feature the same black leather jacket.

The jacket made its way to countries including Greece, India, Morocco, Mongolia, Japan, Britain, and the United States, with some couples evidently new lovers, while others, such as the couple pictured in Greece, are long-wedded companions.

Through the stunning series each photographer has managed to capture the diversity of love around the world, along with the unique language they ‘speak’.
It’s not the first time the exhibition has been on show, having travelled to audiences in both New York and Dubai, and was also presented as part of The Kooples’ Fall Winter 15/16 Collection under the pretext of an art exhibition at Gallery Marquardt in Paris.

Catch the exhibition in Melbourne over two days this month as part of VAMFF’s free events program.

‘Latitudes, Attitudes’ will be showing at the Murray White Room (Sargood Lane, Melbourne, VIC) on Friday 17 March from 11.00 am-6.00 pm and Saturday 18 March 1.00 pm-5.00 pm. For more information, visit and