Having been granted the 2016 ‘Delphi Bank Award for Business Excellence’ at the HACCI Excellence Awards Gala Ball, Sweet Greek owner and author Kathy Tsaples, got together with the Delphi Bank team to discuss all things family, business and, of course, ‘sweet’.

The head of Delphi Bank, Mr Jim Sarris, together with Senior Relationship Manager, Mr Chris Voyais, and Relationship Manager, Ms Vicki Ahilias caught up with the humble and bubbly Greek cuisine mastermind to follow up on the successful launch of her second cookbook.

While balancing her successful business (which she also credits to her children, and husband Peter, who manages the books and closes the shop every night), Kathy is also looking forward to spending some time with her mother – her true inspiration and drive.

“Delphi Bank constantly aims to go beyond banking – going that extra mile to provide face-to-face support to our customers and grow our communities,” said Mr Sarris.

“Not just for tomorrow, but always”.

Since the Sweet Greek Life launch, Tsaples has gained “a flourishing amount of new customers” to her enchanting food store at Prahran Market, which happens to be only a five minute walk from the South Yarra Delphi branch.

“This made my heart sing with happiness,” she tells Neos Kosmos, thankful for her growing community of loyal customers and fans.

Fast forward four months, and the Sweet Greek is looking to conquer her next challenge – Greek Orthodox Easter. This year is falls on the same weekend as Catholic Easter in April and is bound to be one of the most hectic times of the year for her family and business.

Sticking to tradition, Kathy plans on following her favourite Easter recipes passed down by her mother and previous generations, such as her famous traditional Greek tsoureki – with each one being homemade, and available to purchase at Sweet Greek.

Producing everything in-house or preparing larger dishes such as moussaka and pastitio straight from her home kitchen in Richmond, Kathy believes that “cooking is a celebration of family and this year is no different!”