The first five-star camping site is set to open in northern Greece within the next couple of months.

The €30 million (A$42m) investment is located in Skotina, a seaside area in Pieria, on a property where an old camping site, operated by the Greek Tourism Organisation, has been abandoned for years.

‘Skotina Resort’ (a company of Greek American businessmen) leased the property for 60 years from the Greek Public Property Company in 2013.

The existing 31 bungalows are undergoing thorough renovations, as are the edifices to be used for dining, entertainment, and shopping.

The completely renovated ‘luxury camping’ operation will be ready to operate this tourist season, with a second phase of development (including an environmentally friendly 250-room capacity hotel, a convention centre, and a marina) is planned to be completed by 2019.

Investors are aiming to attract visitors with high incomes who are interested in being in touch with nature, hiking, cultural tourism and ecotourism.