Last Monday representatives of the Melbourne University Greek Association (MUnGA) paid a visit to one of Melbourne’s oldest Greek schools, St Vasilios in Brunswick.

The visit was a chance for the committee to present a generous and thoughtful donations to the students, including a TV set and five Greek-to-English and English-to-Greek Oxford dictionaries.

The members took the opportunity to stress the importance of Greek language teaching as a means of preserving the Hellenic identity in younger generations of the diaspora.

Members of the MUnGA committee:
· Jordan Moshcovitis – President
· Nicholas Tzoutzidis – Vice President
· Stylianos Nikias – Secretary
· Perry Athanasopoulos – Media officer
· Pamela Papadopoulos – National Union of Greek Students (NUGAS) representative
· Jasmine Mesourouni – Cultural Affiliations officer
· Yiorgios Yiappos – Treasurer

MUnGA general committee:
· Alexander Vounisios
· Irini Levou
· John Papaemmanouil
· Artemis Sfendourakis
· Theana Bethavas
· Arthur Gioulekas
· Alexandros Yiappos
· Jaeger Konidaris
· Natasha Psaras
· Kristen Politis
· Ioanna Yiappos
· John Nicolaidis
· Mark Donato