The City of Montreal has become the latest in a growing number of cities around the world to recognise the Greek Pontic genocide. The city’s municipal council unanimously voted in favour of the motion, designating 15 May as Remembrance Day.

The council’s decision was met with applause by members of the Greek community, as it comes as a result of a long-term campaign for recognition of the three genocides (the Pontic, the Armenian, and the Assyrian) perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire and its successor, the Kemalist regime in Turkey.

Commenting on the decision, Dr Theodore Halatsis, President of the Canadian Hellenic Congress, stated it is “historic”, in terms of what it means for the Hellenic community.

“It serves as a reminder to all of us here in Quebec, and in Canada, and to the generations to come, of this brutal and heinous crime against our Greek ancestors and humanity,” he added.