On Saturday morning in good conditions at Jordan Reserve, Chadstone, the Spartans had a 93 point win over bottom of the ladder team, Chadstone to record their biggest win this season.

In a very even performance and great team effort, the Spartans kicked four goals in each quarter, had 34 scoring shots, scored eight goals to one in the second half, had nine different goalkickers and achieved the majority of its KPI’s.

The Spartans were in front for the whole game and kept Chadstone scoreless in the third quarter.

This win has now put the Spartans on top of the Section One VAFA ladder and there is still improvement in this team.

The scores vs Chadstone were;

1st QTR 4.3.27 to 1.2.8
2nd QTR 8.7.55 to 2.3.15
3rd QTR 12.13.85 to 2.3.15
4th QTR 16.18.114 to 3.3.21 (FINAL SCORE)

Adam Karim 4, Adrian Gileno 3, Ari Mitropoulos 3, Nick Criticos 1, Tom DeWit 1, Tom Beech 1, William Cowie 1, Anthony Demetriou 1 and Con Pana 1.
Best Players:
James Maddock, Adam Karim, Tom Beech, Brendan Coutet ,Tom White and Peter Siorovingas.