This month the House of Pan in Brighton is hosting a series of performances in A Tribute to Women in Rebetika, featuring Mairead Hannan, Christella Demetriou, and Polyxeni Theologidis.

Rebetika is a genre, and culture that grew out of migration, the hardship of war, dictatorship and unimaginable poverty and has since been embraced by all generations.

While the creators were almost exclusively men, the genre also gave birth to some of the most expressive, free-thinking, vivacious and radical women in the 1930s, when they first appeared to be celebrated and to celebrate their passions.

In this tribute, Hannan, Demetriou and Theologidis will breathe new life into the songs that become known and loved through the talented women who first sang them.

The Tribute to Women in Rebetika takes place every Sunday in June (11, 18, and 25) at House of Pan (Platform 1 Middle Brighton Railway Station, Church St, Brighton, VIC) from 4.00 – 8.00 pm. For bookings, call 0407 556 704. Tickets are $15.