Another trafficking ring, exploiting women from East Europe was busted on Monday by the Greek authorities. The ring brought women from Eastern Europe to Greece, provided them with visas and then forced them to ‘repay their debt’ by offering sexual services.

The police arrested seven people, of which seven are Greek and two are Ukrainian women, while ten other people are facing charges for their involvement in the case.

The alleged ringmaster is a 44 year old man, who approached women from Ukraine and other Baltic and Eastern Europe countries, who were in dire financial straits. Promising to help them overcome their difficulties, he persuaded them to follow him to Greece, where they were provided with lodging, staying in apartments where they were never left on their own.

In the meantime, other members of the ring were approaching men in Greece and paid them to proceed with signing civil union pacts with these women, in order for them to get permanent resident visa. The whole process of this legal document process was allegedly overseen by a 48 year old lawyer, who is also under arrest.

The alleged ringmaster kept the documents in his possession, as proof of the debt that these women owed him. In order to repay the debt, the incarcerated women were forced to provide sexual services to the clients of three strip clubs, with which the 44-year-old man was affiliated.