A recently released survey has revealed Greeks are among the most pessimistic people in the world when it comes to sentiments surrounding the economy and future prospects.

Conducted by the Pew Research Center, nationals from across 32 countries were questioned about how they felt about their economies in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, which took place almost a decade ago.

According to the survey, only two per cent of Greeks said they felt upbeat about their national economy, which was the lowest among those polled.

The most optimistic countries, with more than 80 per cent were the Dutch, Germans, Swedes, and Indians.

However one sentiment which was present amongst most countries, was concern about the future with a median of just 41 per cent across the board believing children would be financially better off than their parents.

Greece were ranked as the third pessimistic nation regarding future prospects with 21 per cent, followed by the Japanese at 19 per cent and the French with just 9 per cent.