Each year over 700 people are diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in Australia, and just as many die from the condition.

The Ambatzidis family know what a diagnosis of MND means all too well, having lost their father Nick Ambatzidis, also known as ‘Nick the Greek’, almost 12 months ago.

To help raise awareness and give thanks to MND Victoria, Nick’s daughter Fiona and son Stavros are heading to Asia to take part in the Great Wall of China Walk to D’Feet MND in a bid to raise $50,000 for the organisation.

“They were here for us,” Stavros told the Herald Sun.

“If we rang, they had the equipment out the next day . . . their role, the way I saw it, was to make the patient more comfortable and make the family more comfortable, because there is no cure for it.”

Those diagnosed with MND face a life of terminal illness, are heavily impacted in their daily lives and eventually lose their ability to talk, hold items, and shower without assistance.

The equipment required can cost up to $65,000 which is where MND Victoria steps in, lending equipment to patients free-of-charge.

Stavros recalls when his father’s muscles lost their ability to function, which lead to losing his capacity to talk. This lead Nick to write, leaving behind three journals for his family.

“In a way that was a blessing – it’s an honour, really, to have it,” Stavros said.

Team ‘Nick the Greek’ will begin the walk on 5 September just two days shy of the anniversary of their father’s death.

So far they have raised over $11,000 towards their goal.

To help Stavros and Fiona reach their target you can donate here.