The Greek Cycladic island Milos has been named as the third top destination to travel this summer by Forbes.

The magazine’s leading travel writers Nancy Novogrod and Joan Roca were determined to offer their readers some truly extraordinary destinations and embarked on a journey via roads less travelled.

While they still explored popular tourist destinations, this time around they decided to focus on the not-so-hyped locations.

“A lesser-known Cycladic island, Milos offers the luxury of seclusion and an authentically local escape,” writes Novogrod.

“There are stunning places to stay like Voronoi’s Corrals, a glamorous house on a stone cliff with its own olive grove, or Skinopi Lodge, where three stylishly simple and secluded stone villas modelled after the island’s traditional fisherman’s cottages sit on nine acres of property facing the sea.”

“WHY NOW?” she continues. “The airport runway has been expanded and there’s increasing talk about the island among people who know.”

At the top of the list, again we find one of Australia’s favourites – Bali, followed by Devon, England.