The Greek International Women Awards (GIWA) are about to take place for the first time on 9 December at the British Museum in London with the support of the Greek Embassy.

GIWA have been created to recognise and reward the internationally distinguished professional achievements and outstanding performance of all women of Greek nationality and/or origin, who are spread across the globe and it aspires to become one of the most anticipated events not only in the UK but in Greece, Cyprus, USA and Australia.

“As Greece has always been a point of reference for democracy, culture, education, science and victory, GIWA’s logo and ideology was inspired by the Winged Victory (Nike-Νίκη) of Samothrace,” says GIWA Chair Sofia Konstantopoulou-Papadopoulos.

“Nike is the goddess of victory in Greek Mythology. She is the daughter of the giant Pallas and the river Styx in Hesiod and she is sent to fight on the side of Zeus against the Titans. Greek women together, can stand up, can get a quality, can support each other, can shine, can make the work place a better place, can accomplish amazing things.”

The platform is open for expressions of interest either through direct application by the candidate and/or through nomination of individuals by corporate, companies, associations, organisations, charities or any other legal entity and/or corporations. Following the closing deadline for submissions, the applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be placed for public voting for a month where each voter will be entitled to a single vote per category. Five shortlisted candidates per category will then be placed for review and assessment before said category’s acclaimed judges.

Women over 18 of Greek nationality and/or origin are invited to submit candidacy for the fields of:

-Arts and Design
-Finance, Hospitality
-Social Responsibility
-Social Science
-Young Star 18-23 years old

Applications and nominations are open as of 10 July 2017 through the official website