After the end of a rally by unionists and employees against the Sunday operation of stores yesterday in Greece, an Australian tourist was attacked in Athens in front of members of his family.

Four hooded men bashed the man who is of Greek origin and was holidaying in the Greek capital with his wife, daughter and mother-in-law.

The attack took place the moment the man exited a store on Ermou Street, where Athens’ main shopping district is located.

“I was walking with my family, and they came near and punched me for no reason. I didn’t tell them anything, I didn’t know them. They told me ‘do not shop’,” the man told TV reporters.

“We were just walking and four men, they suddenly turned around and hit my husband. There was blood everywhere, my daughter cried and fainted. I tried to pull him away but they did not care, they pushed me, my mother and the kid,” the victim’s wife added.

“Seriously, what kind of animals are they? This can’t be happening. We are just tourists, we are returning to Australia tomorrow. We came here and spent our money for your economy, and they hit us? I’ll never come again, that’s for sure.”

As of last week, stores in Athens can operate every Sunday from May to October, except for the second Sunday of August. This new measure has found many supporters within the industry, however, there is a large number of people who still oppose to it.