Since its inception, the iPhone has escalated in popularity not only because of its uber-cool status but also for its countless “applications”.

There is literally an iPhone app for anything: from deciphering why your baby is crying, to trying to make a gourmet concoction from a sparse pantry.

It’s no wonder that celebrities have jumped on the app-bandwagon. The iPhone gives the stars yet another outlet for sharing their talents.

Of course, iPhones and musicians go hand-in-hand: the iPhone is pretty much a whiz-bang version of the iPod after all.

Cottoning on to this concept is Greek singer Helena Paparizou who has developed her very own application.

Released through the App Store in June this year, Paparizou’s application lets fans access everything the singer has to offer.

Fitted with previews of her discography, videos, the latest news updates, photos and links to Helena’s music – the application is a must for Paparizou diehards!