It’s been a busy summer in Greece this year. Beaches, restaurants and sites may be full but there’s also a big buzz in the Greek real estate market.

More and more foreigners are looking to invest in a home-away-from-home especially in the center and south coast of Athens.

– If you are looking for that perfect Greek property to invest in, explore your options. Walk and/or drive around the neighborhoods you’re interested in on a weekday at daytime and in the evening. While articles and the internet are a great resource to begin with, explore the neighborhoods to get the city-vibe.

– Be flexible when buying. If you’re a potential buyer, make a list but be flexible! When buying, keep three things in mind: location/view – sq.meters/area – price but be open to other options. Exploring property in bordering areas for a better price and opting larger-sized units for smaller-sized ones for a better view are a few examples.

– Keep other costs in mind. Aside from the actual purchase price of the property, there are additional costs to keep in mind. Do your research.

– Between your limited stay and squeezing in tours and beach time, you may want to seek advise when looking for your dream Greek property. If you need help making up your mind on where or what to buy or need additional information of the process involved and the after-costs or simply want to get the gist of the market, rather take advice from an agent.

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