Lisa Theris had been missing since 18 July and hopes of her being alive were dimming when she was found wandering, naked, on a remote road in rural Alabama. She was discovered by a passing driver who mistook her for a deer.

When she realised that she was driving past a woman in feral condition, the driver pulled over and rushed to her assistance. Theris was disoriented, covered in dirt, rashes, and insect bites. She was on the brink of exhaustion and asked to not be left alone, New York Daily News reports.

The police are still trying to piece together the parts of the Greek American woman’s story and understand how she got to this state. According to the Alabama authorities, the 25-year old radiology student was riding in a car with two men who were set on robbing a hunting camp. When she found out their plan, she jumped out of the vehicle and started wandering alone in the woods, where she presumably became lost. In order to survive she ate mushrooms and berries and drank muddy water. She has lost almost 25 kilos in the ordeal.

The police transferred her to a nearby hospital from where she was released to return to her family’s home in Louisville, much to the relief of her brother Will, who had been leading a persistent campaign to find his sister. The family has been advised to avoid entering speculations and refrain from publicly commenting on the case, until police are in a position to officially release the details of the case.

Lisa Theris’ relationship to the two burglars – who are being held in custody for the theft of over $40,000 worth of property from a camp – remains unknown; she is going to be questioned by police, once she’s fully recovered.