Pronia, in collaboration with FMC Mediation and Counselling Services, has organised a joint information session for parents, grandparents and family members to discuss mediation in cases of family dispute at the Clayton Community Centre, (9 -15 Cooke St, Clayton).

Guest speakers will be Nhi Tran, the programme leader of Mediation Services – East/West), and Dominique Horne, family consultant/project worker for Respecting Elders – Support and Conflict Resolution Services. The presenters will provide information, materials, and an opportunity to ask questions. A Greek interpreter will be provided at the event, which is to be held on Wednesday 13 September from 10.30 am – 2.00 pm at the Clayton Community Centre (9 -15 Cooke St, Clayton).

Six-Week Course
Further assistance is offered with a six-week skills training course for Greek grandparents experiencing family conflict.

Pronia will introduce the support services available for grandparents affected by the separation of an adult child as well as explain the rights of grandchildren to maintain an active relationship and contact/visits to the grandparents after the divorce or re-partnering of their parents.

The course will take place in Oakleigh, and will assist grandparents with mediation and how this service can help people to avoid going to court unnecessarily offering support during family crisis and separation/divorce.

Access to services is by self-referral or referral by family/relatives, other services and professionals.

Mediation offers practical stress management and conflict resolution skills and assists effective communication techniques between involved parties. The course will run for six consecutive Thursday afternoons starting Thursday 24 August from 1.00 – 4.00 pm.

* This is a closed group. Clients eligible to attend will be assessed and notified prior to commencement of program. Participants need to attend every session once enrolled into the course.

For further information call Pronia on (03)9388 9998 or visit Pronia’s website.