On 17 September those of us wishing to contribute to the efforts of Australia’s largest event for paediatric brain cancer will be running from Sandringham to the boatsheds on the Yarra to raise funds for Connor’s Run. The goal this year is to raise $600,000 by running 18.8 km or 9.6 km. All money raised goes towards funding research into the disease and bettering the lives of children and families living with brain cancer and its after effects.

This year a family well-known to the Greek Australian community will be joining the race.

“The time has come once again where we will be running 18.8 kms in Connor’s Run, supporting the RCD Foundation in their ultimate mission to cure children’s brain cancer, the disease that nearly killed our son,” Irene and Ralf Rosenbaum tell Neos Kosmos.

“There is a team of us running, all of us inspired by Lukas. Most of you are aware of our son Lukas’ battle with this monster. We ask for your support now by donating on our fundraising webpage so that we can provide valuable funds. No amount is too big or too small!”

Mrs Rosenbaum (nee Strouzas) stressed that any donation will be a great motivation as the runners huff and puff their way through the run.

“Your donation will go towards making an incredible impact on the lives of children with brain tumours,” she says.

“Brain cancer is still the most fatal of all childhood cancers. There is very little research going on into childhood cancer and few new effective treatments mean that 80 per cent of children diagnosed with high grade tumours still lose their battle within five years. This is not good enough.”

It was 2013 when four-year-old Lukas Rosenbaum was put through more than most of us can imagine; suffering from a rare brain tumour, medulloblastoma.

The boy was in desperate need of a special treatment available in Texas that cost over $200,000. In less than two months, $245,000 was raised by contributors.

His mother had contacted Neos Kosmos to thank the Greek Community for getting behind the cause.

In August 2014, after only nine months of treatment in the US, Lukas received his third cancer-free scan, and was making great efforts to overcome his food aversion after invasive chemotherapy rounds and having been on a feeding tube for years.

In total, Lukas had 30 radiation treatments and four blood transfusions and went through the ordeal of losing his hair time and time again.

Lukas in 2017.

While he is currently cancer-free and the family has managed to return to some sort of normality, the treatment Lukas has endured has left its own legacy, with physical and mental effects that will require lifelong medical attention.

“We need your help with a donation to change these odds and give our children the right to effective treatments and the life they deserve,” Mrs Rosenbaum said. “Make brain cancer a thing of the past! Together we can change the odds.”

To join the cause, head to connorsrun.com/my-fundraising/1237/inspired-by-lukas