I learnt of Denis’ death last Tuesday
which brought back memories
of our acquaintance
from the 1950s.
This man was one of the most outstanding
human beings I have had anything to do with
and his history is amazing.
Born in Tianjing in China, he came to Australia
in 1949 and he became active politically
at the time of emerging cold war.
After graduating he became a lecturer in chemistry at RMIT and helped establish the Department of Enviromental Studies at the University of the Aegean on the island of Lesvos.
He then became secretary of the Committee
of the Restoration of Democracy in Greece
and I succeeded Victor Nollis as president.
It was during this period Denis’ tenacity
and activity were outstanding
and the committee became a significant factor
in changing the attitude of many people
in the general community in Melbourne.
I will miss him.